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About us

Our association was established in 2011 by a group of 4th grade medical students of the bachelor's degree in medicine UPF-UAB, tutored by our honorary president Professor Manuel Pera. It is a student-driven association from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences of the Pompeu Fabra University.


Through the organization of events and surgical related activities the association intends to allow students to be closer to surgery, get inspired by it and consider it as their possible future career. Therefore, all members share this common interest and work together to have the opportunity to obtain surgical knowledge and new skills.


The association's foundational goals are:


  1. To enhance extracurricular learning of surgery and to complete the knowledge obtained during the medicine syllabus.

  2. To promote interest in surgery and be an inspiration for future surgeons.

  3. To provide students with critical information about surgery and its nowadays specialities and about the path to follow in order to be competitive in the surgical field.

  4. To contact and establish relationships with other national and internacional surgical societies formed by students.

  5. To complete and enrich the current curriculum in its anatomical and clinical aspects as well as in the medical humanities context.

  6. To organize meetings in which the students have the opportunity of knowing and learning from relevant individuals who are a reference in surgery nowadays.

  7. To encourage the organization of events that favour professional and social relationships for both the present and the future.

  8. To collect funds to charitable institutions implicated in health promotion and disease healing. 


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