The Gimbernat Surgical Association Committee has the honor of welcoming you to our page and invite you to discover the story of our association!

Our association was established in 2011 by a group of fourth grade medical students of the bachelor's degree in medicine Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona tutored by our honorary president Professor Manuel Pera.

We are a group of medicine students who eager to learn more about surgery and be inspired by it! 


CASCADE study - Collaboration with STARSurg and EuroSurg

Happy new year 2022! We hope you had a lovely holiday period! We are beginning this new year with the announcing of a new research opportunity in which we will be collaborating with STARSurg UK and EuroSurg: the CASCADE study, an audit to assess the cardiovascular outcomes after major abdominal surgery in multiple European and UK centres. 

10th Anniversary of the Gimbernat Surgical Society

Our Surgical Society has recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary. For this special moment, we have organised three conferences and two sessions of our popular Suturing Workshop.

We are very proud to have evolved and grown over the last decade to become the association that we are today. And more important: our satisfaction is the result of the more than 400 members that our society has had over the last years. Thanks to all of them, we are still here today, with new enthusiastic projects that will continue expanding the Gimbernat.

4th The Doctor as a Humanist Online Course 2021-2022

Humanism in Medicine is one of the sections of our society. We believe that there are some aspects regarding humanism that are fundamental in the job of being a doctor, and specially in the surgical specialties. 

Therefore and as every year, we have encouraged our members to participate in this year's The Doctor as a Humanist International Course.

On the last 28th of November, our Professor of Surgery Prof. Luis Grande, became a new Fellow member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia.

Prof. Grande, who is a member of our Honorary Committee,  delivered a speech titled "Showing the data: a recipe for improving quality in an academic surgery department."



SCALPEL - III Gimbernat Surgical Symposium 2022

Welcome to the third edition of Scalpel - Gimbernat Surgical Symposium 2022.

Inscriptions will open next Wednesday, 5th of January at 12:00 am Spanish time. The link to register will be posted in our website and social media

Poster principal Scalpel 2022 v2_page-0001.jpg

Antoni de Gimbernat Conference - Dr Joan Sala Pedrós

February 22, Anatomical Amphitheater of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia

Neck surgical anatomy - Dr Jacinto García Lorenzo

March 2022, Campus del Mar (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)