The Gimbernat Surgical Association Committee has the honor of welcoming you to our page and invite you to discover the story of our association!

Our association was established in 2011 by a group of fourth grade medical students of the bachelor's degree in medicine Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona tutored by our honorary president Professor Manuel Pera.

We are a group of medicine students eager to learn more about surgery and be inspired by it! 


New Realities in Times of COVID-19 - Symposium

Last Saturday, some of the association members participated in the Doctor As A Humanist last symposium: New Realities in Times of COVID-19. 

This time, due to the fact that the event has been carried out online, more students could log in to listen to a wide variety of talks related to the currently pandemic and its relationship towards humanism in Medicine.

Erasmus and Clerkships 2021-2022

We have recently held our first online talk in the history of AQG. We have dedicated it to inform 4th year medical students about how to apply for a Clerkship or an Erasmus program in the next year.

The session has been conducted by Núria Casanova, 6th year student and President of the association during the last academic year 2019-2020. 

Asepsis & antisepsis workshop

This month, we have done the asepsis and antisepsis workshop. This activity shapes the first step in order to apply for a minor surgery workshop, a definitely intersting experience in those interested in surgery.

First of all, a short lecture has been given by 4th and 5th year students and then the students have practised with surgical material, including sterile gloves and surgical coats.

Physical examinations workshop

Gimbernat Surgical Society has created a workshop to teach the basics of physical examination to fourth year students. We have had the participation of Dr. Juan Guzmán, from the surgical emergency department of Hospital del Mar, who taught us the most relevant concepts to assess a patient who comes to the emergency department. He explained us the importance of a correct evaluation in head trauma, acute abdomen, thoracic contusions and general wounds, among others.

Tribute to the

2018-2020 committee

The past 2nd of March we conducted a debriefing session about the I Gimbernat Surgical Symposium - SCALPEL in order to discuss the aspects of the symposium succeed and which ones need improvement for the next editions.

We also believe in the plurality of the association for its well functioning, therefore, we replaced the organization’s committee by creating new positions, such as the vice-president, secretary and treasury assistants. These new roles will endorse the already stablished and guarantee a better management of the association.

Moreover, we had the honor to bid fareweel to the 2018-2020 committee in order to make way for the new generations. However, we could not say goodbye without first thanking our fellows for their great work they have done during these past years.

SCALPEL. I Gimbernat Surgical Symposium 2020

On the past 24th of February we held our first Surgical Symposium for medical students. 

We had the pleasure to listen to the conferences of Dr. Salvador Navarro and Dr. Julio Mayol. 

Also, medical students from all of the catalan faculties could do dinamic workshops. They could learn about management of a politrauma, plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, traumatology, general surgery, oftalmology, basic suture techniques and do a medical escape room.

Moreover, we have created a short videoclip about our first surgical symposium - SCALPEL where you will be able to find a brief review of all the workshops we offered and make a nice thowback.

We hope you enjoy it!



Saturday, 21 November

New Realities in Times of COVID-19: A Humanistic Response

This full day virtual event is being conducted in response to the urgent need to promote a humanistic vision during this global pandemic.

Key opinion leaders, scientists, and educators, will seek to present a comprehensive and integrative vision, aspiring towards the vision of refocusing life in society and a way forward for the medical profession to fundamentally refocus on human and humanistic principles for the benefit of everyone.


Suture Workshops


As every year, on May we have the two-session suture workshops.


Medical students can learn the basic techniques of knotting and suturing with surgical residents and surgeons.

However, this year, because of the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 we are not sure if it is going to be posible to organize any activity on this third trimester.

For more information, you can keep updated in our social media.

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