How to get involved in research as medical student?

Project: OGAA
 April 2018-January 2019
The Gimbernat Surgical Association are going to participate in Oesophago-Gastric Anastomosis Audit (OGAA), steering by Mr. Richard Evans, Mr Pritam Singh, Mr Sivesh Kamarajh, Mr. James Bundred, Prof Derek Alderson... 
Oesophageal cancer is the 6th leading cause of cancer related death. The main surgical treatment for it is oesophagectomy, an operation to remove part of the oesophagus and stomach followed by a join between the remaining oesophagus and stomach. 
This international audit will look at the rates of breakdown of the joins, commonly termed a “leak”, how they are managed and the effect on the patient outcomes. The informacion collected from this audit will help to develop recommendations on how to prevent and manage this serious complication. Our primary audit objectives are to quantify the incidence of anastomotic leak, in an International multicentre audit and assess the variation in anastomotic leak, the relationship between anastomotic technique and optimal patient outcome and the relationship between anastomòtic leak therapy and optimal patient outcome. 


Project: IMAGINE
March-April 2018

The EuroSurg collaborative is an international research group led by students and surgical trainees. It was founded at the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) meeting in 2015 and has evolved quickly with active members in over 10 European and International countries. Its main purpose is to achieve  significant multicenter studies in several countries around the world.

EuroSurg’s current study, in which our association and Hospital del Mar are part of, it is called “IMAGINE: Ileus MAnaGement INtErnational”, an international, observational study of postoperative ileus and provision of management after colorectal surgery.


With this collaboration, our association initiates a new path in the world of research, a fundamental part of Medicine, demonstrating that we are a multifaceted association that is not only interested in surgery, but also in humanities and research. 

Hello! I am Miranda Rico, president of the AQG, and with 8 other members of the association, I have the pleasure to collaborate with EuroSurg and participate in the Imagine study. This is a great opportunity to me, as a fourth year medical student, to help in such an important research, wich can help and may change, the future management of colorectal surgery.

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