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In order to BECOME a MEMBER and be a part of our association you should read the following information carefully.

Our Terms 

To become a Gimbernat Surgical Association member we ask for a small annual contribution of 3€ to help fund the events and activities we organize every year. Any useful skills you might want to offer to help our association develop and grow would also be very appreciatted. 


Knowing this, if you are still interested in becoming a member you must click below to register:


You can pay the contribution directly to your course director (see Present Committee).



Important: your account and membership will only be active once you've paid the annual contribution. 

Membership Advantages

Being a Gimbernat Surgical Association member allows you to enjoy exclusive events and activities that will give you the opportunity of learning and practicing new surgical skills, such as:



Suturing Workshops

Asepsis and Antisepsis Workshop

Participating in Minor Surgery sessions


Plus, every member is given the possibility of receiving a newsletter with information about all upcoming events and activities.


This is a great opportunity to get closer to surgery and decide whether or not it is the right path for you!  

Get involved and

become a member


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