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Asepsis and antisepsis workshop


All association members can attend to our Asepsis and Antisepsis workshops, but this activity is especially dedicated to 1st, 2nd and 3rd year medical students that have not been in a surgical theatre yet or do not know how to act in one.


The first time a medical student goes to a surgical theatre can be scary, mainly because they usually don't know exactly how to behave or move inside it. To change that, the association offers you a 2 hour workshop to teach students the importance of asepsis and antisepsis and all the basic steps to follow before and during a surgery.


After this workshop, the student will be able to feel more comfortable in the surgical environment and, after attending a Suture Workshop, he or she will be also ready to participate in a Minor Surgery Sessions.


Every year we offer two sessions during the first trimester.

In order to attend, you must fulfill an application form that will be available in our social media closer to the date.  


 The list of students assigned to each session will be announced. 


If you have any doubts you can contact  with the members responsible for this course: Lucía Pastor and Adrián López. 

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