Minor Surgery Experiences


My name is Josep Amorós Salafranca, 1st year medical student, and last friday I was selected to attend minor surgery in Hospital del Mar, Barcelona.

8 in the morning, the hospital begins to function and it is the first day that I enter an OR. Everything feels new to me and I’ve just got lost  at the time of arriving at the dressing rooms but after asking for some indications, a young resident offers to accompany me to the dressing rooms and opens the door for me. The charming environment of the hospital is heart-breaking.

Arrival, finally, to the OR and right away, Dr. Czech and Dr. Roy, from the specialty of urology. 

The operations are quite simple but very interesting and visual. In total I was able to see two phimosis operations and a vasectomy. It is incredible the skill that all two present demonstrate showing the great experience they bring behind.

A few later, after seeing how the electric scalpel works, I begin to feel dizzy and I notify the nurse. I sit on the ground and they make me breathe some alcohol. The nerves of the first time play a trick on me, but both doctors say that it is quite common and they worry me not to take it too much into account. Despite that, I reincorporate without much trouble and I ask to remain at the next surgical procedures.


As a 1st year student, it is a great privilege to be able to enter the OR and see a live operation.It has been an incredible experience, just to get dressed as a surgeon and get to see some procedures was very fulfilling. Huge thanks to  AQG, for getting those little details that run away from the degree programme .


My name is Fahad Ejaz, second year medical student in the University of Pompeu Fabra - Faculty of science and an active member of aqgimbernat. Last Friday I had the chance to attend minor surgery in the very well known hospital of Barcelona called “Hospital del Mar '', after having completed all the requirements proposed by the association. 


I was informed by the staff of aqgimbernat that I had been selected as a participant of minor surgeries just three days ago before I was going to attend those. It was the first time I was going to an operation theater in my life, and obviously I was very excited. The whole team gave me each and every possible instructions before going to the OT. 

I got up very early in the morning as I have to be over there before the surgery starts, by luck I found some other medical student of superior courses, and they helped me to get to the OT. I changed myself, put on the appropriate uniform and waited until the surgeon arrived, as soon as we met, he from the very first moment started to explain to me the five surgeries we had that morning. We got through the clinical history of each and every patient, to have it in mind before doing any procedure. 


When the first patient arrived, she was a little nervous, after clearance checklist we performed the procedures on her and everything went great, she was happy too. The same way we went through from the first up to fourth patient as they all had the same procedure to be performed on them, i.e. the extractions of lipoma or abscesses. Before doing the procedures, the surgeon and I had to go through an asepsis process which was also guided to me by them in order to perform it correctly. The last case was a bit different in which we had to extract a catheter from the thorax of a patient, we did some incisions and extracted it correctly, maintaining some pressure on the subclavian vein. Everything went great and according to the plan we did before each and every surgery.


I would strongly recommend this experience to other medical students, as it opens eyes and gets you in touch with surgery. And last but not least, I would like to thank aqgimbernat to give the opportunity to participate in the surgeries in an excellent manner.

My name is Miguel Armengual Moreno and the last november I had my first experience in an operating room. 

I was able to see some minor surgery proceedings as the extraction of a lipoma or an abnormal tissue. In my opinion, however you see simple operations it is a good way to start the contact with the surgical specialities and see how you feel being in an operating room, which is an experience that you may have imagined different.

I would recommend this experience to any medical student with a minimum interest in general surgery or any speciality that requires surgical interventions, I am sure you will enjoy it as I have.

Hi everyone! My name is Marina Potau and I'm on the 4th year of Medicine. I have been a member of the Gimbernat Surgical Society since my first year here at college. After attending to all the Workshops required, I could assist to my first minor surgery. 

I'm very interested in all type of surgeries, so it has been a nice way of getting in touch with the surgical world at the same time that I could assist the first surgeon. 

Last Friday, I could assisit to three minor surgeries with a collegue. In two of the surgeries I could assist the first surgeon. The first surgery consisted on an exeresis of a lipoma while the second one was a sebaceous cyst. The surgeon helped me wash and wear all the clothes maintaining the asepsia conditions. 

After this, we began the operation, where I helped him to hold the material and also cutting the stiches. All the time I felt very comfortable with the surgical team. The surgeon explained to us everything he was doing so I could follow all the surgeries perfectly.

It has been an amazing experience that I strongly recommend to all those people who are thinking on fulfilling a surgical career in the future.

Hi everyone! My name is Elia Lecumberri and I'm on my third year here in college. This past months, I've become quite interested in surgery and so, I decided to apply for a minor surgery with the AQG. 

Finally, last Friday I could luckily take profit of this opportunity. I spent some time attending some urology surgeries. It felt so exciting as I didn't expect at all they would let me take part of the surgery and collaborate. Following the surgeon instructions, I completed the sterilizing protocols and then keep on with the surgery. We operated a young patient of phymosis.

The surgery consisted in circumcising the penis, doing the haemostasis and finally reconstructing it.

It was a great experience I wish everyone could have. I feel really thankful to the AQG for keeping an eye on the students and organizing such awesome activities.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to a minor surgery session at Hospital del Mar, where I was able to see three pilonidal cyst operations.

I have always had a deep interest in surgery, but this was my first time in an O.R. I can't deny the fact that I was quite nervous before going in. However, as soon as I entered I felt a warm welcome from the surgeon and the nurse.

I wasn’t expecting to do anything but observe and listen to the professional’s explanation. It couldn’t have been further from reality, I was able to participate in the whole process and collaborate (yes, with my own hands) with the surgeon in two of the three interventions. Assuming my student role, I felt completely integrated and with the opportunity to repeat the process (this was thanks to my partner, who chose to do only one of them). It made me feel very comfortable.


My name is Paula Tornero, I'm a second year Med student at UPF-UAB. And this year is my second year as a member of the Gimbernat Surgical Association.


Whether you have a surgical vocation or not, I deeply recommend you live this experience! Thanks for this amazing and intense surgical morning, AQG!

Hi everyone! My name is Laura Baquero and I'm a member of the Gimbernat Surgical Association.

Last Friday morning I went to a minor surgery session in the Hospital del Mar at the service of general surgery and digestive system.

I attended with another partner and we could see 3 interventions of pilonidal cyst. From the reception of the patient to the operating room, with its preparation, the checklist by the members of the operating room (nurse and surgeon) and the operation until the patient left. I was lucky as the surgeon allowed me to participate. I could wash my hands, prepare the surgical drapes and collaborate with her in the whole process. Meanwhile, she was explaining to us which steps were required and needed to follow. As I'm a nurse, I'm already familiar with the O.R. I like both, being in the front line and changing roles.

 I deeply recommend this experience, whether you are thinking about doing a surgical specialty (as in my case), or not, because some knowledgment about how the O.R. equipment work is essential!

There were two operations: the first one was a Sacral Cyst and the other one was a Sebaceous Cyst. At the beginning, my friend and I were very nervous, for both of us it was our first time in an O.R. Nevertheless, the surgeon was very thoughtful and explained us how to dress up correctly (respecting the sterilizing protocols) and what she was going to do in those surgeries.

With all the emotion and the live operation, my friend started to feel a little bit dizzy and as soon as she felt nauseous, she told the surgeon. She told us to go outside and lie down, take some deep breaths and try to relax. After that, my schoolmate recovered and we could enter the O.R. again. The surgeon told us that this feeling of dizziness and nausea was usual among students and that it does not mean you cannot become a surgeon. The routine and your desire to become a surgeon will make it possible for you to overcome that feeling and start enjoying it!


To conclude, I would like to thank AQG for giving me this outstanding opportunity. I was able to feel what it's like to be a surgeon for one morning and I'm hoping to apply for more this year!

Hi everyone! My name is Núria Casanova and I've been a member of the Gimbernat Surgical Association since my first year here in College. I've always had a deep interest in surgery so I took advantage of the opportunity that AQG gives us and applied to a minor surgery.

My name is Eva Alberch and last year I applied to a Minor Surgery. It was an amazing experience as it gave me not only the opportunity to enter an O.R. for the first time but I was also able to assist a last year surgery resident when performing the surgery.


She showed us how to wash and dress up properly (respecting the sterilizing protocols) and explained what she was doing every time. We were also able to see nursing's role and the relationship with the pacients. To conclude, we were able to see 4 operations.


Without a doubt I recommend the experience!

Hi! My name is Laura Gimeno Torres and I am a first year student of medicine in the University Pompeu Fabra. AQG gave me the opportunity to attend to minor surgery procedures in the “Hospital de Mar” as in the future I would like to chose a surgical specialty.


I spent a whole morning with a vascular attendant, who explained me the interventions that he was going to perform, as well as he commented and clarified each step of the process. Between the different procedures, he took me around the various operating rooms, were he described the interventions which were being performed to the different patients.

I was capable not only to observe and understand the basics of a surgical procedure, but also to recognize the relationship between the doctor and the patients as well as with their families.

I strongly recommend you students, specially those interested in the surgical part of medicine to visit the hospital and observe some incredible interventions.