Major Surgery Experiences

Today I attended for the first time as first assistant in three surgical interventions in Hospital de l'Esperança, Barcelona. They consisted in two umbilical hernias and one inguinal hernia. As an assistant, my function was to provide visibility to the surgeon (holding retractors and using Kocher and mosquito forceps) and to dry the area with gauzes. The surgeon allowed me to suture the patient at the end of the intervention. Dr. Vela has been very helpful and understanding to me all the time: in the first intervention he explained me the technique of surgical scrubbing, dressing up and placing myself in the surgical field, as well as using the instruments. I also went with him to talk with the relatives of the patients and I help him making the discharge reports. 

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I want to thank Dr. Vela and the two nurses for being so nice with me and for explaining so many things to me, as well as thanking AQG for giving me the opportunity to assist to major surgery. It is indeed an experience to remember.